Energy WallTM Engineered Homes

A truly circumpolar building design – developed and tested in Canada’s Arctic.

Our homes are designed and focused on best building practices – for the harsh climates in Canada, taking into consideration strong wind loads, rain screen needs, harsh temperatures, long term performance; and facilitating building expansion flexibility, cost effectiveness along with quality results. Our engineered homes are manufactured under a quality control management system in the Northwest Territories .

Energy Wall™ Engineered Homes have been approved as  NWT manufactured products – both Modular and Prefabricated Engineered Homes by the Government of Northwest Territories.

Our complete engineered home packages include:

  • Energy Wall TM engineered foundation system
  • engineered floor systems
  • engineered roof trusses
  • Energy Star rated windows (Energy Wall TM Windows)
  • Energy Wall TM Building System.

View case studies and technical drawings for our engineered homes (please wait a few seconds for initial image load):

Energy Wall™ designs and manufactures custom modular homes and prefabricated engineered home packages. Our Modular FLEX-HOUSING units are highly configurable

Custom FLEX-HOUSING Designs

Custom Home Designs

We are the Original “Energy Wall TM Building System” in Canada.