Our History

Manuel Jorge - Owner - Energy Wall Systems

Manuel Jorge – Owner

Manuel moved to Northern Canada in the 1980s, where he worked in Arctic Communities on retrofit and new building construction projects, primarily in residential construction.

While working in the north, Manuel saw an opportunity to manufacture building components for homes in the Northwest Territories.  His idea was further refined into a “made in the NWT value-added product” concept for both private and government sectors.

In 1994 Energy WallTM started manufacturing roof and floor trusses, and in 1996 a wall building system was developed. The goal was to sell prefabricated building packages that could withstand harsh northern climates.

In 1998 Energy WallTM began working with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and in 1999 completed the evaluation report of Energy Wall Building Systems, achieving CCMC #12889-R for harsh climates for worst scenario application in the Canadian Arctic.

The main focus of the evaluation was on harsh arctic climate conditions and it was the first evaluation completed by CCMC for the circumpolar building envelope.  Since then Energy Wall’sTM building envelope has been used in numerous projects across the NWT, varying from retrofitting to new construction projects.

The Energy WallTM Insulation System is the result of in-house research and development while Energy WallTM continuously developed new innovation concepts for building envelopes.

The Beginning:

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A Word from Manuel Jorge…

“I believe that we need to protect our environment.  By building a more effective and innovative building envelope that will save fossil fuel consumption, reduce gas emissions and save on operating costs, we can achieve a much better end result.  At the same time we should be able to provide comfort to our families.  Using the Energy WallTM Insulation System is an excellent way of achieving all of these goals.”